14 joulukuun, 2018

Identity Horizon Cross-Cultural Survey


Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences

18 – 24 year olds

Finland N=595 (f = 430; m = 165)

Japan N=505 (f = 256; m = 249)

North America N=507 (f = 235, m = 272)


James E. Côté –The University of Western Ontario, Canada

Helena Helve University of Tampere, Finland

Shinichi Mizokami –Kyoto University, Japan

Reiko Nakama –Hyogo University of Teacher Education, Japan

Sharon E. Roberts – Renison University College at the University of Waterloo, Canada

Eeva Sinisalo-Juha –Humak University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Arseniy Svynarenko – Finnish Youth Research Network, Finland


Côté, Mizokami, Roberts, Nakama, Meca, & Schwartz: The role of identity horizons ineducation-to-work transitions: A cross-cultural validation study in Japan andthe United States.  Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research, 15:263–286 (2015)

Helve, Côté, Svynarenko, Sinisalo-Juha, Mizokami, Roberts & Nakama: Identity Horizons Among Finnish Postsecondary Students: A Comparative Analysis. Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research, 191–206, (2017)

Côté, Mizokami, Roberts & Nakama:  An examination of the cross-cultural validity of the Identity Capital Model: American and Japanese students compared. Journal of Adolescence 46, 76-*85 (2016)


Finnish data is available form Finnish Social Science Data Archive